Kontinuum Group invests in protein concentrates

Kontinuum Group is ready to start implementing a project of an innovative complex for the production of natural food proteins and gelatin in the near future.

The complex, worth 1.6 billion rubles, is planned to be built in the Belgorod region. For this, our portfolio company Promagro Food Ingredients has become a resident of the Gubkin priority social and economic development area.

The global prerequisite for the project is the growing demand for gelatin and protein concentrates. At the same time, the production of gelatin in our country is insignificant and is represented by a number of small enterprises. About 50% of the market demand is covered by imports. Over the past year, the volume of the protein concentrates market has grown by 40%, while its imports to Russia have increased by about 30%.

Annual production provides for the release of at least 2,300 tons of dry collagen, 880 tons of dry gelatin (including hydrolyzate), 460 tons of protein flour, 3,500 tons of pork fat. But depending on the market conditions, we will be able to regulate the required production volumes and capacities.

Meat producers have a good raw material base for such production: in their technological process conditionally food raw materials are formed - connective (skin, veins), fatty (bacon, raw fat) and bone tissue. This serves as the basis for the production of protein concentrates.

We consider food, confectionery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as sales markets.

Founder and CEO of Kontinuum Group Konstantin Klyuka: “Now we are at the stage of negotiations with banking organizations on the topic of lending, we are working on the issue of the collateral base. As soon as we solve these problems, we will proceed directly to practical work. Prompt implementation of this project will contribute to our leadership in the domestic market."