Kontinuum Group joins Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

Kontinuum Group has joined the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) - a Global Network that unites the leading players in the global impact investment market.

Many social and environmental problems can be solved through impact investments. But impact investing is not a philanthropic donation, but an investment that generates positive social and environmental impact along with financial returns.

The analysis of such an impact increases the transparency of the impact investments themselves, helps to understand the effectiveness of business models and to work out a further development strategy. That is, it is more logical to invest in those projects that have digitized impact indicators. But the problem is that today there is no single approach to measuring the results of impact investments. GIIN offers its own methodology for assessing impact investing based on 400 indicators for various industries.

And because GIIN has a global base of impact investors, membership provides us with ongoing networking opportunities with peers around the world, access to industry research, best practices and training courses that will allow us to develop and deepen our knowledge of impact investing.